Happy New Year 2011

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Maybe this year, 2010, isn't my year. There are a lot of mistakes i have done, some failure, and also sadness. I lost something and someone in this year. But I got another things that i didn't expect before and i acknowledged some new friends. Allah have a beautiful plan for us, just do the best, wait and see that moment will come suddenly.
I want to close this year with smile, and with smile too i want to say "welcome a new year, 2011"

Tersentuh saat membaca ucapan2 tahun baru yg dikirim teman ^_- :

Kalau tidak ada pahit, kita tidak akan tahu apa itu Manis.
Kalau tidak ada sedih, kita tidak akan tahu apa itu Bahagia.
Kalau tidak ada kegagalan, kita tidak akan tahu apa itu Keberhasilan.

Lupakan kepahitan, kesedihan, dan kegagalan di tahun 2010. Raih Manisnya Kebahagiaan dan Kesuksesan di tahun 2011
Happy new Yeaaarrrr semuaa... love u all...

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